A Sharper Beginning

Introducing Sudirman 7.8, a new rising-star in Jakarta’s main business area.

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Pekerjaan struktur pada level Basement 1 - 5 saat ini telah selesai pada pertengahan Maret 2017.

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A Sharper Design

Sudirman 7.8 delivers an outstanding design that will enhance further success for your company.

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A Sharper Access

Sudirman 7.8 when completed will be in the centre of changing transport–oriented development patterns in Jakarta.

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A Sharper Location

Located right at the center of the crossroads of the major economic corridor, Sudirman 7.8 gives direct access to latest public transportation facilities makes the location accessible to most centers of activities in Jakarta.

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A Sharper Space Planning

A space that moves seamlessly from inside-out and outside-in is a conducive working environment.

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A Sharper Investment

The limited supply of premium commercial real estate in strategic business districts in Jakarta makes Sudirman 7.8 one of the few strata titles premium skyscrapers.

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A Sharper Development

Everyone has a different plan, but everyone want the best solution to realize their plan into reality.

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